a creative marketing collective.
Our job is to make our clients noticed, interesting, bought and loved.

And we are here to erase boring facts from the face of the earth.

Brand & Marketing Strategies

We believe that your brand is the only thing that can’t be copied.
It is the most important factor in making your business bloom.
So give it a deeper thought. Be the circle among all those squares.

Marketing Concepts

In order to be bought, you need to be noticed first.

The power of WTF!?!(Well Told Fact) reaction is astonishing.
Mesmerizing. Dazzling. Even puzzling.
But most of all it gets you attention.

And a clever marketing concept creates attention that turns into desire and action.

Websites & Dev Ops

Since the dawn of the internet our Mikko Johannes has been putting up banger and efficient websites. And not just websites, but applications and tech platforms too. He’s still pretty freaking good at it.

Here are some companies who thought we were onto something 
and trusted us to help pleasure their business.

Lauri Sankila

Lauri Sankila

Marketing Strategist

Miikka Mannio

Miikka Mannio

Founder & Creative Lead

Mikko Asplund

Mikko Asplund

Founder & Digital Master


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